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Advancing Nationwide Growth Through Successful Multi-Unit Operators
The Brass Tap Seeks Qualified Candidates to Join Its Growing Franchise System

It’s no secret that passionate franchisees are the cornerstone behind every growing brand, and Tampa-based franchise concept The Brass Tap is no exception. After honing in on the rapidly growing craft beer industry in 2012, the brand set out to create an adaptive craft beer entertainment emporium with a down-to-earth, neighborhood vibe – attracting fanatic operators with knowledge of the segment to drive its success.

The concept has since evolved to a prosperous 45 units and aims to have 56 locations open by the end of 2017. Understanding that multi-unit development is the fastest and least expensive option to reach this goal, the brand is honing in on multi-unit operators to promote growth in new markets.

“At a time where many guests look for more than just food, our concept has matured to offer unique cocktails and craft beer paired with an entertaining, social atmosphere," said Chief Development Officer of The Brass Tap Jean Baudrand. “We’re looking for candidates to join our growing franchise that support this vision, and look forward to the bright future ahead as we enter new markets nationwide.”

As part of the brand’s growth strategy for new prospective multi-unit franchisees, those who enter an Area Development Agreement are responsible for a franchise fee of $37,500 for the first location, $25,000 for the second, $15,000 for the third, $7,500 for the fourth with the fifth location then requiring no fee. Only half of the payment is required upfront when signing these agreements, and the second half is due at the lease signing. The brand currently has five Area Development Agreements and aims to increase that number to well over 20 within the next three to five years.

“We look for our multi-unit franchisees to have the proper resources to accompany their operation and development experience,” said Baudrand. “We also look for representatives to have previously managed a business with long-term results, helping to further align with the franchisor and offer dependability.”

Among the brand’s veteran multi-unit owners is franchisee Vik Patel, who opened his first Brass Tap in Tampa in 2014 and has since expanded into more than eight untapped territories in Alabama, Florida, North and South Carolina.

“We’ve seen success growing with other franchise concepts (Dunkin Donuts, Popeyes and Baskin Robbins) in similar markets across Alabama and Florida, and felt that The Brass Tap would also be well received,” said Patel. “We’re currently celebrating the opening of our tenth location, and with another now in development, our passion for the franchise industry is stronger than ever.”

Looking ahead, brand validators and multi-unit operators like Patel will continue to fuel The Brass Tap’s growth in key development markets like New Jersey, New York, Louisiana, Texas, and North and South Carolina.

“Multi-unit owners have a knack for focusing on quality execution, innovation and often provide constructive feedback,” notes Baudrand. “They do not mind challenging our team and are consistently engaged. We are ready to welcome more of these visionaries at The Brass Tap.”